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Thread: Weekly Recap Discussion #74 - 13/2-19/2

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    Default Weekly Recap Discussion #74 - 13/2-19/2

    Click here to see the Weekly Recap video

    Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

    Seven Souls
    Neowiz Games has announced the beginning of closed beta testing for its newest MMORPG, Seven Souls Online. Registration is still being accepted on the gameís website.

    The Open Beta for Eligium started on the 15th of february.

    Update Launches or Announcements:

    Perfect World International
    Perfect World International has launched its latest expansion, Descent, bringing loads of new high level content tot he game.

    Forsaken World
    Perfect World has announced details about the upcoming expansion to Forsaken World: Nightfall.

    Rusty Hearts
    A new update arrives in Rusty Hearts, along with a new playable avatar.

    War Inc.: Battle Zone
    War Inc. Battle Zone has launched a new update, granting some promises after a community event.

    Allods Online
    The latest major update, Game of Gods, is hitting Allods Online in North America and Europe.

    Other News:

    Gravity Interactive announced that Requiem will migrate the Korean service of Requiem to North America.

    Tactical Intervention
    Tactical Intervention announced that OGPlanet will be publishing the game this Spring.

    Brawl Busters
    Brawl Busters, one of Rock Hippo Productionís action-packed MMOs, is now available on Steam.


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    Big downfall on Eligium there. Was really hoping it would be something, but tbh it was one of the worst MMORPG's I've tried. :/

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