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Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

Blacklight Retribution
Perfect World Entertainment announced that Blacklight Retribution will go into open beta on February, 27th.

Sword Girls has revealed the open beta date for Sword Girls to be March 28.

GamesCampus has launched the closed beta test for Carte, its new online trading card game.

Gamania (beanfun) has announced that it is now accepting closed beta registration for its upcoming MMORPG, Divina.

Tribes Ascend
Hi Rez Studios announced that open beta for Tribes: Ascend will begin on Friday, February 24. There are no planned character wipes in place, so closed beta players may continue with what they have unlocked.

Update Launches or Announcements:

Eden Eternal
Eden Eternal has released a new content patch. The patch includes the new Ranger class, an increase in the level cap, new maps and dungeons, and improved PvP content.

Lucent Heart
Gamania (Beanfun) has announced the second expansion for Lucent Heart will be coming on March 20. Named Stadia, the expansion will bring a significant amount of content for players.

MicroVolts has launched the Spectate Update.

Other News:

Steam F2P
This week, Steam has added two new free-to-play games to its library: Realm of the Mad God and Fallen Earth.

Shadow Company
Nexon America has announced plans today to publish a new first-person shooter, Shadow Company: The Mercenary War.