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Thread: Weekly Recap Discussion #76 - 27/2- 4/3

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    Default Weekly Recap Discussion #76 - 27/2- 4/3

    Click here to see the Weekly Recap video

    Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

    Perfect World Entertainment has announced that RaiderZ will begin alpha testing on March 14.

    Lime Odyssey
    Aeria Games has announced the expansion of its alpha test for Lime Odyssey.

    Brick Force
    Brick-Force, a unique new shooter published by Infernum, has begun closed beta testing.

    Spirit Tale
    KoramGame has announced the launch of closed beta for Spirit Tales will begin on March 15.

    Blacklight Retribution
    Perfect World Entertainment has launched the open beta testing phase of its new MMOFPS, Blacklight Retribution.

    Netgame has announced the launch date for Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE): March 9, 2012.

    Square Enix (in North America) and Ankama (in Europe) have officially launched Wakfu today in both regions.

    Update Launches or Announcements:

    Heroes of Newerth
    S2 Games is celebrating the release of its 100th hero in Heroes of Newerth on Friday, March 2.

    You can win this hero in a contest on MMOHut. Check out the thread below:

    League Of Legends
    League of Legends has prepared a new champion: Fiora, the Grand Duelist.

    Vindictus (North America) has released the Crimson Blades update, adding new PvP modes to the game.

    Other News:

    Next-g 2012
    From its next-g 2012 conference, gamigo has released two new trailers for its upcoming games Otherland and Grimlands.

    Nexus Conflict
    Publisher gamigo has announced an upcoming game to their line-up: Nexus Conflict.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online
    Megaten will be relaunching on Atlus Online. The game service will shut down on Aeria games on April 7th. All account data will be transfered to Atlus Online. Megaten will relaunch on April 16th.

    Games of Thrones
    Games publisher Bigpoint has revealed that it will offer a first-look into the production of its Game of Thrones MMO at GDC.

    First Look:

    Community Event:

    Check out the thread below for more information

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    I don't have a lot of hopes for the Games of Thrones MMO. Why are you going with Unity engine? So far, I have nothing but bad experiences with that one.

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