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Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

Crytek has announced that closed beta registration is now available for Warface (

GamesCampus has officially launched its newest game, Carte.

Update Launches or Announcements:

Today, Requiem makes the official introduction of Korean players, previously hosted on the Korean service of Requiem, into the North American service.

Scarlet Legacy
The latest update to arrive in Scarlet Legacy is now live, and offers a raised level cap and more.

City Of Heroes
Issue 22: Death Incarnate has been released today in City of Heroes. The game’s first major free update since its free-to-play launch, the update introduces new powers, costumes, endgame features, and more.

Grand Chase
Grand Chase has released the first of three major updates, also known as Heroes: Act 1.

GPotato has released Epic II for Aika Online. This update brings 2 new raids and new item drops.

Other News:


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