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Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

Blacklight Retribution
April 3rd marks the official release of Perfect World Entertainment’s Blacklight Retribution.

Seven Souls
April 2nd marks the official launch of Seven Souls Online by publisher Neowiz.

Spirit Tales
KoramGame has announced that Spirit Tales will begin its open beta on April 25.

Update Launches or Announcements:

Drift City
GamesCampus updated Drift City. The new update brings a new zone called Neo City. This update also gives players new quests, weapons and more.

Other News:

Dark Blood
Outspark announced a brand new PvP aimed MMO called Dark Blood. The game will feature hack and slash gameplay with PvP arena's.

Square Enix MMO
A new MMO has been announced by Square Enix, however, there isn't a lot of news yet on this new MMO. It will be published through BigPoint, who is also publishing BattleStar Gallactica Online. The game will have a focus on social gameplay and user content.

Drakensang Online
BigPoints browser based dungeon crawler Drakensang Online has up to 5 million new users since the launch in August 2011.

First Look: