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Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

Super Monday Night Combat
SMNC launched on 18th of April. This game is a DoTA-styled shooter where you destroy turrets in order to get closer to the enemies their home-base. It also shares a champion rotation system meaning that you can play a set of different champions on a weekly line-up.

Brick Force
Infernum has announced that it will host a special VIP Open Beta for Brick-Force.

Update Launches or Announcements:

League of Legends
League of Legends patch brought some significant changes to the gameplay. Foremost, Hecarim has been released, who is a tank type jungler. Hecarim gains attack strength through movement speed.

Champions Online
Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released the new On Alert update for Champions Online.

Brawl Busters
Rock Hippo Productions has released their latest content patch for Brawl Busters, titled Rumble in the Box. A new map and new features have been released as part of the update.

Digimon Masters
Joymax has announced the launch of their next content patch for Digimon Masters Online, which brings in Guilmon’s ultimate form, amongst other features.

Cross Fire has introduced two new maps and several new guns with its update today.

Other News:

DoTA 2
In a recent podcast, an announcement was made by Gabe Newell that DoTA 2 will be Free to Play. Players will also be awarded for good behavior towards their co-players.

Soul Captor
Gamania Digital Entertainment (beanfun)’s European division has announced plans to launch a new title, Soul Captor, this summer.

Waren Story
Aeria Games has announced the closed beta registration for their newest title, Waren Story.

First Look: