hello everyone.

if you want to play a new mmorpg game with some new combat fighting system than it is TERA.

TERA is a mmorpg from korea,the game is 2 years i think,active in korea but since may 2012 it's in europe too!!!!

it's not a free mmorpg,you can buy the game on the official website of TERA on http://tera-europe.com and there's a digital download for direct buying,or you can order it.

the game is verry enique,it have a true action combat sytem,that means that you can attack on your own style,no buttons for attacks or etc...
(but there are buttons for special attacks (skills) but its cool)
you can walk around the monsters so they can miss their attacks,when you want to do something with range (something like archers or magic ) ,than you have to lock on your target to hit it because you can miss target.

the game is a little redesigned for the europe version ,the graphics are beautifull!!!!
watch youtube for more information about TERA