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EVE - i am pretty sure everyone considers this a sandbox as you are completely free to do what you want, there is no forced progression. You can be a pirate, trade, craft, explore, pve and pvp at any point of the game. Just look at eve website One Universe, Limitless Potential - Features of the Game - EVE Online .
So basically there are infinite amount of warps / starports / planetary systems / etc. to harvest / go to? Or people have to make them? Can people destroy said star ports by attacking them? I've seen some gameplay, but I'm not convinced yet. (I didn't really listen to them though, I'd rather see the actual sandbox stuff visually, not "heard" via voice or text.)

I put Garry's mod and Terraria on the list, but added asterisks next to them as I have not found dedicated servers (As in, like remotely hosted minecraft servers are) for them.