A few friends and I decided to make a guild.We have some experience in Aion and we are online regularly.We are interested in everything from PvP to Crafting and doing instance runs.Yeah we know the state the server is in but no point in playing a game if there is no challenge.

The current roster is:
Orochii-Spirit Master

You can whisper any of us for an invite and we will let you in.The only thing we ask of you is to be active in both chat and helping others out as well as being an English speaker.Also you have to be able to joke around and take a joke.
We haven't gotten that far in game but we are extremely dedicated and are looking forward to the Abyss.

Hope to see you all in game!

We are on NA Aion-Israphel server

EDIT: Due to recent issues with certain members I am forced to specify something here.
We take Aion seriously but not to the point that we will get after you for doing something wrong or causing an entire party wipe.If you are interested in joining you have to be able to understand that some people tend to screw up.It's a way of life so deal with it and if you know what they did wrong explain it to them don't rage at them.