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Thread: Lost without a mmo

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    Default Lost without a mmo

    I have played hundreds of mmos and there are 2 things that keep turning me away: classes that can hold aggro better that the tank/tanks cant hold aggro at all; and crafting systems with no point or hours of collecting materials to level up.
    I don't mind taking a while to craft. in fact it is kind of necessary, but spend 12-14 hours of farming materials for level 1-2 is stupid. At higher levels it should take a while but not months per level.
    I continue to wonder why games invent the tank role and forget to make it useful... the tank needs to hold aggro off the team mates with some degree of efficiency.
    Are there any games out there that meet those 2 requirements because that is about all i ask and most mmos don't measure up. Some manage to get one or the other right but not both.
    I really want to find a game that i can play.

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    I'm with you on that one man. It seems like I'm just surfing over MMos because they can't hold my interest. Maybe I started too high, with my first MMo being Wow before it got dumbed down. I am, however, putting hope into Soul Captor and RaiderZ for a good MMo.
    Still waiting for my Pokemon MMo Nintendo

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    Aion has a pretty amazing tank class that has multiple taunt skills and you can even get a "taunt" stat to increase the aggro you gain. It also has a very nice crafting system.

    Fiesta Online also had a nice tanking class, but it doesn't have crafting, hmm...

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    If you are after a super tanky tank that works perfect I wuld suggest Regnum Online. The knight class in that game is probably the best tank specced to fit the tank role I have seen. By its design, the knight always draws the aggro from human enemy players and can stand out in the middle of the war taking the hits. In the powers of the knight is the ability to change stance from defensive to offensive so it is for you to judge when to shift to the attack. Knights do relatively low damage so they have to time things right.

    Um Regnum Online has pretty much zero crafting. There are items you can farm monsters for and one single item you can collect materials for but that single item is many game weeks to save up for. There is no crafting in RO.

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