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Thread: Looking for new free MMORPG

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    Default Looking for new free MMORPG

    So the only mmorpgs ive played for a serious amount of time are flyff, eden eternal and fiesta online...theres abunch others i have tryed but cant really remembr which.

    so i stopped playing flyff due to the condition of the game mass hackers gold spammers.

    stoped eden eternal because i got bored when i hit lvl cap and just never went back.

    and fiesta i just didnt seem to make friends on there so i got bored.

    i enjoyed all 3 at a point so any recommendations of games to play with a high player base and good game that is simliar to them 3? thx guys!

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    Hmm don't really know anime-styled MMORPGs similar to them. Fiesta is the best one. How can you have problems finding friends in them? In Kingdom Quests you get to learn so many new people. After finishing a KQ just talk with them a little to make friends. :-)

    Non-anime style:
    Rappelz - Is quite similar to Flyff just with more realistic graphics.
    Allods - Very well polished MMORPG with traditional gameplay. Faction based.
    Aion - Same as above.
    Lord of the Rings Online - Less PVP driven than the ones above.

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