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Thread: Need (non p2w) MMO

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    Default Need (non p2w) MMO

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for an mmorpg for a long time. I've played Aion and Lotro for a while but got bored of em. Now I've been looking around for some games and looks like every game I like is dead or p2w. For example: Allods, RoM, DDO, etc...

    Is there a game that has a large game world, good graphics, lots of quests and most important: good controlls. I like active and responsive controls like in Aion, wow, lotro.

    Can you help me? ^^

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    Most MMORPGs are P2W anyway.

    Aion is still the closest and most active and least P2W game for you. Recommending something else seems pointless.

    Most people are waiting for the upcoming games like Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. Many players are also playing Tera currently.

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