Hey guys,

With the recent forum merger some of you may have noticed the addition of imported_ in front of your username. This means that there is a duplicate forum username. In order to change this you must follow the steps below to change your username.

If you would like us to check and see if the user with your username is not an active account you can post below and we can check. However there is no guarantee that we can change your username back to the original.

Step one, on the top right of the screen you should see a box with your user information, click on the settings link, this will take you to your profile.


Once you are in your profile, look at the left panel under My Settings, click on edit profile.

At last, you should see the Username Change form, here you will be given a text box which allows you to put in a new username. In the screen shot below, the user have already changed his username.
username change.jpg