1. Make your Awesome Custome Maing Page.In this way you can attract some players.Make it easy that
players or users can see download , register , evets , woe sched. , rankings , who is online , faqs , etc on the
main page . Please don't copy other's web page .
2. Make your Logo/Banner cool.Chances to attract other players or users too .
3. Make your own game Forum.Make your own IPBoard , vBulletin , myBB , xF , etc forum software . But I
recommend IP Board because it have many forum applications . Just PM me if you need help on Forum Software
or Forum Applications .
4. Put your Lite Installer/Patcher/Full Installer in Mediafire or 4Shared.Mediafire is recommended because
other FileHosting is not international and other filehosting are crap so mediafire , 4shared & Sourceforge is
highly recommended .
5. Forum Staff.You can hire forum staff (if you have your own game forums) or you cannot if you can manage
by yourself but hiring staff is recommended too because they can manage when youre offline .
6. Your RO Name should be unique.It should be unique that players should say "WOW" . It is in your choice
on making your RO Name .
7. Website & Game rules when accesing the main page.This is fully recommended when players or users accesed
on the site , a wild Rules Page will appear first then the player or user would agree first so that the user or player can
be warned at the starting page before the game .
8. You should have your own Wiki website.This is recommended too so that player or users cannot be lost ingame.
9. You should have Online Website Support Chat.This is highly recommended so when the server is offline you can
tell players (when they ask)
10. InGame Announcement.This is recommended too , you should put this on the main page so all players can see
the announcement . For example , the server is offline .
11. Server statistics.This is always recommended in your main page . It should look like this :

Ingame Advice :
1. You should have a Announcer.This will announce "How many players are online" , "The WoE Started/Ended" , "Player Killed Player" , etc.
2. InGame Staff.You can hire or you cannot hire if you can manage by yourself but hiring is recommended
so that they can manage when your offline or away.
3. Droprates,Base/Job Rates.This should be announce when the user or player just finished making a character.
4. Warp to Main Town all new character.You can warp a player that just created a character in your main town
or warp it in a test room , Novice Castle , etc.
5. Intense WoE , PvP & Battleground.If you are in a renewal server I suggest making a 2nd Job PvP , WoE & Battleground .
6. Make Friends With Players.This is recommended in RO Owners so that players can stay active on your server.
7. Cool Events.This makes chances in making all players active . Put daily , weekly , monthly , yearly , etc events
so that players will stay active.

Rate 1-10 On my advices