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Thread: Which do you think is the best pirate/sailing ship mmo - and why?

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    Default Which do you think is the best pirate/sailing ship mmo - and why?

    i think these are all the sailing pirate ship mmos ( i dont know which ones are really f2p ) :-
    1) Uncharted Waters Online
    2) Pirates of the Sword Cost (is this Disney?)
    3) One more I have forgotten
    4) Maybe 1 more i have forgotten

    some questions im curious about :-
    1) Which one does not have an item shop which imbalances the game towards p2p players?
    2) which one do you think has nice smooth response combat
    3) which one has combat on lad and sea (on land what is combat like...)
    etc... which ones do you like and why? what have you heard about these sailing ship mmos?

    I love sailing ship mmos. I used to watch my Dad play Ancient Art of War at Sea!! (ancient 1990) game and all the sailing ship mmos seem to somehow come from there.

    which sailing ship mmo do you like and why?

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    What Phinx said^

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