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Thread: Which do you think is the best pirate/sailing ship mmo - and why?

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    Default Which do you think is the best pirate/sailing ship mmo - and why?

    i think these are all the sailing pirate ship mmos ( i dont know which ones are really f2p ) :-
    1) Uncharted Waters Online
    2) Pirates of the Sword Cost (is this Disney?)
    3) One more I have forgotten
    4) Maybe 1 more i have forgotten

    some questions im curious about :-
    1) Which one does not have an item shop which imbalances the game towards p2p players?
    2) which one do you think has nice smooth response combat
    3) which one has combat on lad and sea (on land what is combat like...)
    etc... which ones do you like and why? what have you heard about these sailing ship mmos?

    I love sailing ship mmos. I used to watch my Dad play Ancient Art of War at Sea!! (ancient 1990) game and all the sailing ship mmos seem to somehow come from there.

    which sailing ship mmo do you like and why?
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    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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    Damn i wrote some thoughts about 2 pirate MMORPGs but then website restarted and lost it all to hell > So screw it i will tell you the two that i like and you do your own research lol and those are Pirates of the Burning Sea and Pirate King Online 2/ Tales of Pirates 2.
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    can learn various attack/live skills (like sewing, brewing, cooking n so on) and you control a ship on a land you control character, buy sell, then you go to docks n board YOUR ship- sail to another town or COUNTRY. and you can make EVERY SINGLE item in the game via various craft skills, from a simple piece of linen to a grand huge ship. and EVERYTHING will break after some usage (except ships- they lose durability in time, but that stops at half of the original one- but you can repair it) so if you get a bad a** armor or a weapon- it will vanish someday- thats why the game economy is actually ruled by players: they make the most stuff, and ofc you can get some from dungeons, or find a treasure if you have a full map and ofc there is pvp...HUGE ship battles because well...every nation wants to dominate the seas

    and there is plenty unexpected thing in the might come in to storm...which can "sink" your ship if you try to argue with the wind , also there is some spots in the map where your compass goes crazy (electric anomaly) and you dont know where the hell you are so you must use intuition or "survey" skill to calculate where are you- thats a lot of fun, i remember when i and a friend was sailing from india to england...we actually hit the south america shore because of a single dull mistake
    here is the WORLD of uwo and it keeps getting more continent... and here is classes - the class in uwo decides only on what skills you are better: you can have any skill you want but the "favourite" skills will lvl faster. and you can change class anytime (need to get certification)

    at first it might be dull and hard to understand but if you finish all school quests- it will become easier to understand (yes some quests will be lame and useless, some hard (especially the last battle one) but it will give you A LOT of xp and info how to get around.

    in UWO you can do "Adventures" but first you need to find clues WHERE is the hidden "item" is (like search arround town, talk to npc, talk to barmen n stuff).- well thats how the adventure begins after all

    in UWO you can be rich in 3ways: trade, search expensive treasures, AMBUSH AND STEAL STUFF FROM THOSE TRADERS but you need a good ship and good cannons to ambush...also items arent everything: for example the higher your cannon related skills lvl are: the more dmg you deal, the bigger your range is, faster shooting (reload cannons) and cannons durability will decrease slower. even if you have BEST cannons in the game with low cannons skills, you will deal very little dmg, while if you have HIGH cannon skills and use bad cannons- you can deal some serious dmg compared with the one who have low skills and good cannons- so its everything about your skill lvl ( the xebec is FAST trader ship (~38 sailors only - means basically its the worst ship for battle, especially for melee sea battle) the another ship has ~108 sailors- a lot better at melee but designed for attacking with cannons, lame trader ship vs battle ship...the xebec user was the best pirate in game when i played, he have good game skills and playing skills too- no wonder he won, but that just explains that gear and ship isnt everything.

    i suggest uncharted waters online. when i played cash shop wasnt strong

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    What Phinx said^

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