Just because our world has came to a stop, doesn't mean we have to give up.....

Eighteen years ago the world came to an early end. Nobody could understand it, or why some of us survived. What we do know, is that those who survived gained talents.

Some of us could light fires with our mind. Others could touch someone, and they would drop dead.

After struggling with our lives for years we rebuilt society - bigger and better than what it was before.

Unfortunantly not everything was good with this newfound society. Our powers were labeled by number, and those who were weak became servents to those who were strong. Despite our technology we became almost mideval in out ways. On top of this hierarchy was the king, Dante Moffin, the only telepath strong enough to control his powers fully.

He rules with an iron fist, forcing the weakest of us to serve as slaves and workers.

Join us, we are the future.....

The Rebellion; a group dedicated to eradicating this hierarchy. We accept anyone, of any power, and any mind set. Join us, and fight against this tyrant.

We are one, together in this battle.....

1. No godmodding.
2. No powerplaying - stay within the limit of you're power.
3. Do not fight in OOC.
4. Be realistic, if you get shot, or burned, you won't just bounce back up.
5. Be respectful of each other.
6. Don't kill another character without permisson - in wich case I should also be notified.


Plot: We are the rebellion, fighting against Dante and his "soldiars"

You can also be one of Dante's men.


Character Sheets:



My Sheets: In editing.

Name: Calyx Caprice
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Appearance: Calyx is extremely short, and bone skinny. Her skin is a pallid white, always making her look sick. Her hair hangs to her middle back, a dark brown color that sometimes looks black. Her eyes are muddy water brown.
Power: Calyx can heal, or injure by touch. Unfortunantly her power is only classified at level 2. When she heals, that injury will transfer to herself, and when she injures it drains her reginerative power. A few side effects include extreme dizzy spells, sudden vomiting, headaches, or sickness, loss of feeling in hands.
Side: Rebellion.