Realm of the Titans dropped by Aeria

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    Default Realm of the Titans dropped by Aeria

    May be old news but not sure if anyone else knew about this. But there was a post about it a few weeks back.

    Attention Titans,

    A dark day has come in the world of the Titans, and it seems that we were not able to protect the realm as the guardians of it.

    As of 7/2/2012, we regret to inform the RotT community that Aeria Games will not be publishing Realm of the Titans English US.

    We would like to thank everyone who participated in helping us test the game out, streaming videos, and reporting bugs.

    Even though Aeria.North and myself have not worked on RoTt as long as the other PM's, we both wanted to say Thank you for everything and all the experiences you all have given us. We both feel that everything we learned from here, we will take to make Aeria's potential next Moba a huge success.

    Thank you everyone!

    Posted by the product manager, Memphis. Thoughts? Opinions?

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    I tried it, it wasn't bad. though it was one of them games where i got bored extremely quickly and found myself being distracted xD. hopefully they next game they pick up is more of a success

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    I know that for a quite long time. It's somehow sad as it was one of the better DotA clones out there. At least it was playable.
    LOCO, Avalon Heroes, Rise of Immortals and SMNC are all worse than RotT in my opinion yet they are still among us with their horrible gameplay.

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    Aeria bring Cyphers Online and call it a day.

    Idc if Nexon owns Neople, just DO IT.

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