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    Default Android Game Programming

    Good day to everyone!

    I'm currently interested in making an Android game. though a lot did suggest I go IOS, i chose android since I have more than 5years experience of using java and also I'd rather start with something I already know rather than studying a new programming language.

    So for the past month I've been studying the Android SDK and currently I am able to make small Applications.

    I need advice on where to start since I have never made a game. Anyone here ever made one?

    Oh and can anyone give me a good book for OpenGL(since I've heard it's used in all games) so I can look up the bookstore or a good online reference?(I'd rather buy the book though).

    Thanks alot!

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    Well now, I've never done games for android, though I have programmed small applications, but I have made games with OGL.

    What you're looking for is OpenGL ES, the embedded version of OGL. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, and a lot of older (and some newer) tutorials for regular OGL will use a bunch of functions you don't have access to (such as the deprecated glBegin, glEnd method of submitting geometry).

    I can't really recommend a book, since I learned it all online, but what I can recommend is the following.

    If you truly want to make a reasonable 3D game, you'll need to understand the math behind it, so brush up on your linear algebra; specifically your matrix math, and your vectors. You'll also want to be good at general algebra, as there's a lot of math that's good to know (like how to find the intersection between two lines, represented by two equations), even if not absolutely necessary, as there are a lot of libraries that do this stuff for you. (this is a good website for the linear algebra stuff:, and here's a game-specific version:

    My next advice would be to make something simple on PC first, so you can get the core concepts of the game loop down, along with the idea of stepping the game world, making things framerate independent, etc, etc.. Just make tetris in 2D using OGL, or something. You'll be thankful for the experience before you leap into making a more fully realized game, trust me.

    For a modern OGL introduction (which I've been brushing up on myself; my legacy is really biting into performance as-is), I've found this to be good: It's in C, but the calls should be almost the same, if not identical for Java.

    It's not for OpenGL ES, but a lot of the same ideas exist in the ES version; the modern version I think has nearly all the same extensions, and stuff, just not the old deprecated APIs.

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    We are try to develop small application programming language in Android.We are crating small application name "iDrink".You can download from Google play.We are use Google android plug in and eclips for crating apps.

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