District Wars - An All New Text Based MMORPG

Tools/language used to develop

An introduction to your project
I've always been a fan of the text based gaming world. I think they very much still have a place as communities within a game. They often get looked down upon as obsolete, but I feel they have more heart than the more modern MMO's.
With all of this in mind, I have created District Wars. I want to prove these games still have a place, and that people still enjoy them.

Out playerbase is steadily growing! Join us as we grow and evolve as, not just a game, but a community of gamers!

The plot
District Wars is set somewhere between five thousand and fifty-five hundred years in the future. The exact date is unknown due to all official records being destroyed during the War of Wars. Civilization has split into tribal areas known as "Districts." These Districts are constantly warring with each other in an attempt to control the lands. Fighting is a way of life as you must grow stronger to stay alive.

100+ Items
40+ Cities
Full training system
Districts (Clans/gangs) with warring
Custom attacking system
Revenge and Daily Attacking Missions
Full custom hunting system
Daily Rewards
+ Much, much more!

Coming Soon
Fully integrated Pets system including leveling, training, battles, and attacking
Tier-based NPC dungeon siege style arena
District Armories
Medal/Awards System