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Thread: Dreamcast Armada Sequel(on PC)!

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    Default Dreamcast Armada Sequel(on PC)!

    Developers Mark Jordan and Roger Fang made Armada for the Dreamcast. A decade later, they are working on its sequel, Armada Online: I’ve been playing the open alpha for a few years now, watching AO slowly develop when this 2 person team has time out from their day jobs and family to fix bugs and add content.

    Currently they are seeking more testers, as well as backers for Kickstarter funding. The latter would allow Mark and Roger to devote themselves full time to finishing Armada Online. The client is free on their main site listed above. The KS page ( ) page lists some other stuff which I would find just as satisfying as the completion of AO, such as a map editor… as well as a PC version of the DC Armada!

    If you enjoyed DC Armada, and would like to help its successor get completed, please show your support by becoming a playtester (or making a pledge on KS). Look for me in game… "Voxx".

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    This game has been around for a minute.. i remember when they first released it for closed beta.. client was like 30 mbs lol.

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    You can already play it , just make an account and log in , its pretty fun , Space MMORPG , kill mobs and lvl up , but it has a ton of features , hope it gets funded , would be a shame to see such a well developed project get cancelled .

    Its in ALPHA so expect a few bugs .
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