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Thread: Guild Wars 2 - Another Fail?

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    Default Guild Wars 2 - Another Fail?


    The most anticipated MMORPG of 2012 "Guild Wars 2" just launched, but problems pop-up one after another. Is it really so hard to let out normal, finished product? How many years has been since we saw the normal launch of any game without any fails at the start? ... I can't even remember...

    Recently all companies have the same tendency to let out raw products on the market and "Guild Wars 2" not exception. Just at the start they had big problems with login server, servers were so full that they had to put digital sales on a hold. One of the most serious issues that players have experienced in "Guild Wars 2" is group splitting. The game uses overflow servers to reduce the load on zones, but the major drawback was that these overflow servers can make sticking with your group problematic.

    It's been only a week since the game started, but there are already 3000 permanent banned players and 1000 for 72 hours. What people used wasn't even a "bug", it was a banal typographical error of an unfortunate developer (price for the item was "21" instead of "21000"). So whose fault it was? Who wasn't able to test the game normally and eliminate this sort of small problems.

    A few hours back players began experiencing a disturbing bug in the trading post. When players go to buy an item, the game continues to withdraw money from your pocket untill you have nothing left to give or until you cancel the buy order. On top of this you do not receive the item nor does it show up on what you have paid for.

    Those attempting to sell an item will also find that while the item may sell, the seller will not receive the amount paid. The problem was fixed within a few hours and all players recovered their money and items, but still why does it break in the first place? Lack of testing?

    How many more problems people should face before this game will be ready and why do we need to pay for a raw product? What will be if iPhone 5 will come out unfinished and companies developers will say - No worries, next month we will let out few upgrades so if you can't call or send texts or browse the internet, it is OK!!

    Still it's not so bad as I wrote, people keep playing "Guild Wars 2" and ArenaNet solved most of the problem. Nothing will change and people still will buy this game because it's B2P (buy to play), but how long ArenaNet can keep it up the time will show.
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