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Thread: Requesting Facebook Cover (Anime + Nostalgia Included)

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    Default Requesting Facebook Cover (Anime + Nostalgia Included)

    So I was wondering if anyone with the photoshop skillz was able to make a cover for my FB with the following anime's, and games. Feel free to make it as you want. But please include the requested stuff below. Giving lots of anime's so perhaps anyone who does it. Can fill the cover with the characters, and just make a cool background.

    Digimon(First Season)>
    Red Baron>
    Saint Seiya>
    Battlefield (1942, 2, Vietnam or 2142)
    Dragonball (any)
    Left 4 Dead>
    DOTA emblem or the following heroes >Lina Inverse, Pudge, Windrunner, or Night Stalker. It can be from DOTA 1 or 2.
    Slam Dunk (
    Season 1 Power Rangers.
    Monster Rancher>

    Thank you.
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