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Thread: List of MMORPG's with player housing released 2008+

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    Default List of MMORPG's with player housing released 2008+

    Any suggestions? (keep in mind this is the F2P section, if I can't access/own house free not worth mentioning)
    Player housing must not be instanced. They must be visible and accessible in the open world.

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    I dont think any game like that has been released in a long time. Infact the only MMO I have ever played that had housing that was not instanced was Ultima Online.

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    There's Haven & Hearth. It's a 2D Minecraft-like MMO.

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    i hear ultima online with non-instanced open world housing ended up having big tracts of housing estates and player vendor shops at the entrances to each estate.

    appreantly it was quite fun. but if we did this in WoW sized worlds, the housing estates would run on forever....
    hm no i havent heard of any other mmo with this type of housing. cud be fun tho?
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