So , I bought a easycap.
Now, you might say "what the, a easy cap? Why didn't you get a Dazzle or a HDPVR".
So, I got no money so , I thought this was nice for a price and a lot of people know how to make it as good as a dazzle or even better. Anyways, how do you make it work? I mean I read the instructions but, its not working. I saw youtube videos and said only put the composite cables in the"output" area. I didn't cause my hdtv doesn't have that. So, I tried my small 720p tv. Now, I didnt connect my console to that put, it says composite. Doesn't say "input" or "output". Anyways, I got everything set up the "MAIN" problem is that it wont show the screen. IF this doesn't work I might need to go get my old *** tv but, I don't have it at the moment (hopefully it has output). So, can you help? IF you know a place to contact to get help or even support that works. Thanks , ps, anything helps.