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Thread: The Power of Friendship! Not having any fun in MMO's? Look here.

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    But where is it that you find these so-called guilds, good sirs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leafninja View Post
    But where is it that you find these so-called guilds, good sirs?
    I'll usually just browse MMORPG after MMORPG and look at their forums to see if I can find any guilds.
    And if they seem like they've been up for awhile and are dedicated.. I'll chat with the leader/officers and see how active they are.
    I don't just randomly join a guild, I hate seeing bad guilds not really care so much and seeing it die in a couple weeks.
    Now, I prefer guilds to have a site of their own.. and/or TS, Skype, Vent, etc. so I can chat with them over the mic.

    But yeah, finding these guilds is easy.. sometimes...
    Just do what I do and browse MMORPG after MMORPG forums and look around the guild section for a nice guild.
    And don't think about how bad the games are.. just browse through all of them and try to find a good guild :P
    Hell, I thought I was never going to touch Maplestory again until I found an amazing guild.

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    To find a guild, the best and most used method is to do as iAddison said, check out the "Recruitment" section of a games forum. Most games provide the "Recruitment" sub-forum for their members to use to find and advertise guilds.

    I would suggest looking at a game you find interesting, and then looking in to the forums and looking in to all the guilds that catch your eye. But don't just stop at a recruitment post and decide, look at the forum profiles of the Guilds members and look at their past postings to get an idea of who they are. Also, do some forum searches and try to see if the guild is mentioned any in the other sections of the forums.

    Another method is to just play the game a bit and look at all the guilds tags running around. I don't really like this method much, but some people might.

    If you really don't care what game you play, and money isn't a problem and you have a beast PC that can play anything, you can check out a website like enjin (don't know the exact link) which has a pretty nice guild browsing and joining/recruiting feature. You can browse guilds by the games they play and their styles.

    Most "decent" guilds are going to probably play Western-developed MMO's, that may require a subscription fee (though this is not the case so much anymore, with all the Western MMO's going F2P lately).

    Some good games you can look for guilds in:
    • Planetside 2 - Free to Play, currently in closed Beta
    • Lord of the Rings Online - Free to Play
    • Dungeon and Dragons Online - Free to Play
    • Star Wars Galaxies Emulator - Fee to Play
    • Star Wars the Old Republic - Going Free to Play?
    • Guild Wars 2 - Buy to Play
    • Wurm Online - Free account option (limited)
    • Darkfall Online - Buy to Play, then Pay to Play
    • Mortal Online - Buy to Play, then Pay to Play
    • (Not Western)ArchAge - A lot of Western guilds LOVE Sandbox games - Unsure
    • Xsyon - Buy to Play, then Pay to Play
    • Ryzom - Free Account Option

    The list goes on. You can even find a guild in games that aren't released yet. Such as Embers of Caerus (I have a friend and guildmate(s) who are working on the development of this. You can find a lot of decent guilds here).

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    There are some great things to learn in this article.
    All the Best,

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    It's funny, most of the time I play MMOs about the only thing I want is to never see another person. People = competition for mobs and resources and all I really want is to be left alone. You would think this would mean I dislike MMOs in general, but it's kind of the opposite. Even if I don't like grouping, raiding, PvP, or other people in general, I like being able to watch a guild chat happening. Just knowing there are people to talk to makes the game more fun. Now if only I could so something about Diaperd00d stealing all my kills...

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    Guilds are nice as long as I don't have to talk... It gets annoying having everyone talk about my voice being apparently sexy.

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    That was the answer for me before and why I gravitated towards roleplaying. I've played absolutely crap games because the guild was awesome. Doesn't seem like that anymore as I can no longer suffer pants-on-head retarded gameplay or mechanics because I have online friends. Of course, like with a lot of things, this is entirely Funcom's fault. AoC was the last straw for putting up with a game because I like my guildies. The alternate advancement system scarred me for life. I mean SCARRED, like I have nightmares about it taking two years to get to the last tier of skills.

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    This topic. I am reviving it from September - cuz it needs to be read.
    How do I turn off signatures while reading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocaRUFF View Post
    TL;DR Get a guild.
    You necros have no shame.

    Didn't read the MMO's history, But I did read the ending.

    Yeah, no one puts time in to mmos anymore. It results in stupid things like OH THIS GAME HAS NO SOLOABLE ENDGAME RAGE QUIT. BAD REVIEW.

    Now we can't necessarily blame the players, because we have retarded developers that decided one day in a group meeting.

    "Out of 100 of of us, If we all make different games, same features. We're all our own bosses"

    "But we would need players to play these games"

    "So we make a system where they have to Solo to endgame, then we just throw in huge bosses you can't kill alone."

    "I see where you're going with this, we're going to use the-----"

    Screams together "CASH SHOP"
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