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Thread: Tutoral guide aka basics? :P

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    Default Tutoral guide aka basics? :P

    we have to download the game first you know? why not go to switch the 3 digit numbers if the version updates etcetc and press download 1 so we can get our game!
    download 2 is a zip file so dont bother downloading that one lol if you need other help and translation in game please pm me or go to and ask them ^^
    first lets learn how to register to talesweaver we will all use lime360 as nexon account and tales as nexon password. oh wait! we dont know how to show the servers after we run the game! benya shall help us! follow the red boxes =)

    now lets register a new account! yippe!!!

    yippe we are done registering now lets freaking play the game roflmfao =)
    well i used a lucian (blond hair with blue clothes) as a guidechar name is guidechar as well lol curse these two koreans that didnt support me on partying part grrr :P you watch you two ppl! i will kill you in pk :O ok erm anyways here i start. when you are creating your char oh crap let me take a screenie of that stuff LOL :P well anyway to create a char you have to press the 2nd button o.o thenzors you get to choose a character o.o 8chars total

    from order (whoa let me see the picture LOL i ono what order i did in :P)
    Ispin,Lucian,Naya,Mila,Sivilin,Maximin,Boris,Tiche il
    well anyways lucian,maximin,boris,ticheil should start with style 2 :P
    also ispin(optional) can be style 3 you wont like being style 1 at first since
    you wont have counterspear at lv.1 or anything lol you may start as style1
    and use hack/stab stats and use multislash or just do it the hardway and use
    stab :/ okay sivilin should be type 1 (type 2 optional : if you want poles instead?) most nayas do stab(Style1 for her) since it has 1agi point needed but its annoying till you reach lv.31. alot of people hackstab(style2) since you get to have auto dex and agi bonus if you only raise all the common tree and use kusai throw o.o mila? you can be style 1 or 2 if style 1 i prefer getting
    that multiwhip skill aka Dancing viper if you want to throw cards like crazy (brrr scary in pk) style 2 :P. you dont really need to do it but you should? :P
    okay lets do the tutoral o.o;;;;;;; after you create your character
    you will have a scene aka prologue of your char and if you watch it you get
    30 exp to start off with (lmfao :P) first option is to watch and second is to skip

    you will see another scene and two choices. choose the first option unless you dont want to start out strong as a lv.16 lol tutoral equips got lv.16 equips stats alot of you seen people with lv.16 equips in noob dungeon 1 yes? ;p thats why o_o

    now if you pressed the first option you should be in a place with crazy white ground omg o.o it dyed it self lol -.- anyways go find longsword good night which is the guy with the blondehair shown below talk to him and press 3rd option everytime you see 3 options. lol o.o

    first class: how to move and heal hp. o.o run to the solo warp NOW o.o

    now lets sit down press insert to sit. some of you might not have insert. just mess with option or look at this guide all the way o.o;;

    now if you talk once more you will need to go to this stoopid smoking person ( i hate smokers lol ) he wants you to get 30 strawberry syrup
    and 30 kiwi syrup go do that by going outside and hunting flame thingies o_O you better talk to him (for doing this you earn tutoral weapon)

    longtime no see Mr.Goodnight? o_O;; there goes the 3rd option strategy wooo

    right click ludi the girl in red. then press the bubble with ... =)

    now use your allowance goodnight has gave you (1000seeds) you must buy 15 green herbs. if you are done with that drag it to ludy one at a time.

    if you have thrown 15 green herbs at ludy you should see the black feather pen. why not buy that for long sword good night sama~

    we arn't done with ludy yet! talk to ludy and she will give you 3 options o.o (if you dont see this you either didnt give her 15green herbs or she wants some more omg lol ;p if you talk to mr.Goodnight he will make you go to sleep! , nah.. o_O;;

    after you talked to him talk to him again obviously we are to press the 3rd option.

    we must talk to the kid named Chris (@$%(*#$_!)%(#$&#@$_()#*#@$*)&#@)

    woops 2 options this time our 3rd option plan won't work.. what shall we do now! we need superman! UH UH i have a great idea press the 2nd option duh lmao o.o

    zomg a glitch?! nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu its a solo warp we must go through (note:you will not see this or cannot go into the solo warp if you are in a party so make sure you are not in the party or leave the party then relog + repeat the process o.o)

    now you are in this wierld dungeon or cave o.o or whatever you think your at go find your way o.o if i were you i would be looking for dices
    on floors WTF ON FLOORS? dices reminds me of jumanji lmao anyway -.- follow after me.

    The First Puzzle

    The LAST Puzzle ( LOL IM JOKING )

    The Third Puzzle

    The Last Puzzle!!! - after this puzzle find your way out o.o;; then talk to chris after that longsword o.o then talk to the girl in green

    Longsword GoodNight will give you 50k to make a club (and it disappears even if you join one lol) make a club then go back to longsword

    this is the last quest. i believe this gives 500exp and stuff but i skipped it due to noob Kylon accidently pressing option 1 which leads you to town. i would normally tell you to press 2nd option but this time press the 1st option. i will update the guide again so others can do it soon.

    End of Tutoral.

    you will either be in Laydia,Clad,Narvik,Kaul it depends on what char u chose.
    just incase one of you still dont know how to equip
    to equip
    you must double click the item you are trying to wear you cant wear stuff
    because #1:your level requirements #2:your stat or char requirements.
    anyways when you are at a town you will always see this (or somewhere else
    in the fields)
    the left side is where the warppoint is make sure you get it. and the rightside
    is the teamboard you can taxi people or they can taxi you you can take a
    shortcut to anycave (almost) now lets move our legs to the red haired
    aha! here he is ^0^;; press the first option to get teleported to ctf map
    capture the flag lobby and go west to buy 999cards (use it to teleport there when you need to) then go south to get your warp [note:do not buy the potions they only let you heal inside the ctf map not lobby nor other places]
    now teleport back to your town also try right clicking the equip you want
    to see to know if your char can equip it you must see a yellow letter like this

    first is stab (dont worry about this if you are a hacktype starting with katana
    with ispin,lucian means you are hack style or a 2h sword for maximin and boris
    means you are a hack style. so basicly hack is your damage :P also screenie
    below curse those two people :< lmao anyways shift click a user to do something like apply to club add to messenger 1:1 whisper or party trade etcetc here is the screenshot :O

    ignore the crossed one and lets do this clock wise 1st is club 2nd is whisper
    3rd is trade 4th is team 5th is messenger crossed out one is trash if you dont
    have the album stuff o.o (thats cash :/) before i tell you about joining club
    ill show you the map outside of a town screenie below shows you the pweety
    you see the [!]? thats the newbie cave get in there and go to the right
    side to join club press shift click mentioned above then click club button
    now a popup should appear mmmmmmmm
    anyways press the button below to apply you cant apply if the club is full
    so stay alert with that.heck no dont join that club :P now for party.

    press shift click (duh mentioned above) and press the team button wait till
    the player accepts now press t and name your club first bubble is team exp
    so if your team kills you get extra exp like if a monster gives 1exp you get 1exp o_o if 10exp still 1 xp 20xp 2xp extra o_o and 2nd bubble is share its good
    to share if you are fighting strong monsters or you can use it to leech people
    its better to leech one person just keep that in mind. now when you are dead

    when you die you have to teleport to town or wait for someone to revive you
    but newbies reviving you ? i dont think so they mostly dont have violet
    herbs to revive you so press esc and you will see menus o.o press the button that my mouse is pointing the button only appears when you are dead
    i believe o.o if you want to heal full hp you can always go to the healer and pay just a little bit of money as shown here if you are lower than lv.6 you
    get free heals of hp only through

    okay for people that dont know what solo and team warp does heres a picture

    that warp leads you to chapter scene or a place where you have to do stuff
    to get to the map where boss is located in o_ o

    to combo o_O!!! you need to be level 6 first noobs! >_<!!
    regular attack once aka left click

    then rapidly press right click (only works when you have a skill)

    when you do that the yellow bar above will move and your skill will be activated
    then you will do something like this o_o look below not here below nooo below >_<;;

    even if you level a skill that is level 1 to level 2 the skill will be level 1 unless you click the arrow shown below. never forget this
    so basicly you can lower the skill level or higher when ever you want. if you are hunting a monster that dies with a skill that can hit
    6times and it basicly dies in one hit you can lower the skill level o_o and it will hit once or twice (multislash =P) so it saves time xD

    also after you have learned your skills put it in the slot shown below healing items work as well.

    alrighty now lets see the chatbar some of you dont know and i dont want to repeat the same line
    over and over again~ over and over again~ i got the feeling~ oops o_O
    okay here is them chat bar :P

    if you press the pacman like shown above you will have 3 more
    stuffs the one with 3 people is team chat the one with the ear is whisper (we mostly use 1:1 aka press j method) and finally
    the 1st one with a c on it also dont forget there is one person on it with the c! AHA! couldnt find that huh?! YEP :P
    now on with the sign over your char you must press /si or /간판 i prefer /si even if you are korean or can type korean /si is faster duh :P

    if you put your mouse on the sign it gets longer o_o;;
    if you right click someone's sign a window pops up

    the title of it says 3letters in korean and a face (-ㅅ-) because thats the users sign and it shows her character and her id.
    below lys buttons o_o 1:1 message (j method duh) trade,invite to party,add to messenger, and EXIT
    some times these signs may bother you i mean like really :P if it bothers you what shall you do? duh
    make it not show up! yours shows up through many people (counting the koreans) dont know this

    here are many many many boxes o_o and buttons above the boxes cant forget the check mark too
    game button sets alot of stuff like Pk protect option meaning you cant hit your team mate if your first box there
    is checked if 2nd you wont be able to hit your club mate (if you are in fight club you cant get in battle unless you put the 3rd option
    which is "ignore lmfao" ) ok the next word is snapping 1st box monster 2nd box skill 3rd box item 4th box interface it just snaps if you click it o_o try it once? :P next is Usershop mark On to see usershops Off to not see them woot empty freemarket sounds cool :P next is sign show! :O on to see off to not see o_o trade option on to ignore (you cant trade with people) off is a must if you want to trade
    next is quickslot on to show off to not show o_o... now minimap is next on to show off to not o_o ,,,chating window (obvious lol) status panel dont really matter i never put it on its just on off all the way woot anyway next one use messenger on to use messenger press h to open it you can 1:1 groups of people too :P next is chatting log dont really need this so just turn it off i guess.. next is long sidebutton menu to open with click i did it off since i dont want a extra click in the game lmao next two are useless so ill skip that.
    whew okay figure the rest out on your own - _- lol
    *** excuse that FAQ!
    1.QUESTION: what is the diffence with boris and maximin?
    ANSWER: Obvious! .... i meant ill solve that problem for you!
    boris stats :P=cough he needs 2 stat points for dex and 1 point for defence one less stab o_O what? mr require point is 2 as well :P

    maximin stats :P=in the other hand he needs 2point for defence 1 point for dex one more stab 3 stab and 5 hack as a hack type? wth?!

    conclusion=boris gets more defence and magic resistance but maximin gets more dex o_O maximin doesnt really need tons of dex its pretty useless having 1 point required for dex since later on you are going to use the common tree to get free dex and agi as bonus why not have 1agi!!! then again you wont need million points on defence if you are going agi :/ wah lol. we arnt finished with this yet!
    the skill difference maximin only has x slash at low levels but ?! boris? he gets circle slash and x slash at the same time :< and after lv.60s maximin gets another mob skill and if you do skill quest another one boris already had 2other mob skills too but you learn the other mobskill by mastering xslash and lv.64 but that skill is slow and very disappointing it made me quit boris but at lv.94 a very big mob skill
    but 94... that just stinks mean time maximins 2nd mob skill called rollharsh is learned at the 40s or 50s o_O its not that good but pretty
    cool effect perhaps? anyways his 3rd mob skill which is slyph lance is learned from a skill quest and its fast and great alot of people uses it xP but they still use x slash for botting "i saw them :P" well anyways o.o now if you want to target one skill you pretty much
    only use multislash for boris and you can use at least 3 if not 4 one target skills multislash, moonslash(deadly),wind sword,xan(deadly if critical and its fast lol) if you are a maximin o.o. there is this skill called frozen xan for boris this korean person around lv.24 ish with a bastard sword (2h sword = these have int in them) has told me he did 2k/2k dmg with regular damage but i dont think thats possible. but
    at least it will go over 1k/1k for sure since i did 900/900 with my hackstab boris ill probbly reset my char one day to check with a hackint boris to clear out the damage the speed is fast enough. go here for different chars skills o_o oh yeah boris is a ice type of magic swordman and maximin is a wind type windtype are weak ice are strong but slower than wind and lighting i want a lighting type
    magic swordsman or woman perhaps a pretty girl would do ~_~ since i dont want to play a guy char hehe.. oh yah >_< the link! by the way they dont have all the skills its a really old data-base lol and yes they kinda named it wierd =.= we all car "cresent slash" circleslash o_o coz its almost a circle lol and "cold cut wth?!" is frozen zan =_ =;
    anyways heres a pic when max is in battle field
    and boris holding sword along with boris ultimate skill i still dont like it lv.94 for that skill eek >_<

    dont be dumb do any of you expect boris to have a shield with his two hands full? i think not maximin is the only char
    with a 2hsword than can wear a shield ... but? he can only use round shields no kite no tower boo who :P most people uses
    knuckles,wrists as shield which gives you stab/hack/hit instead of shields theres no use for shields if you are weak :P
    don't you want to create your own room with your friends in it? after double clicking the teamboard you will see this

    and of course part 2

    now i have made boxes on important stuff. its in order kinda lol
    blue: Room title you can use any letters for the title so make up your own title. ex: apple pie in toilet? :o
    black: level requirement if the level requirements min level is higher than your level you cannot make it. same with with max it has
    to be at least one level lower or higher than your own level so keep that in mind.
    green: max members if you set it to 2 you can go with one person the max is 16 ^^
    red: cave enterances you can go to (note: you cannot use this alone you must have a person join your room and he must press ready and you press start lol)
    1. i will skip this its no use if you dont beat chapters you can see bosses in chapters here each hour a spawn they drop encrypt scrolls (not a rare but it wont come "that" easy) and field messaging scroll which lets everyone on the field see what you type.
    2. Fire cave - Good exp at level 20~30(if its too hard for you go to pillion till level 28 you can stay here till 37 at max if you want)
    3. Crystal cave - useful at soloing at 24 ish on floor 1 or 1-1 (better spawn) also good rare rates it can make you rich woot!!!!!!!!
    also floor 2 is good for agility types floor 3 as well because the deeper you go the stronger they get lol
    4. Grinch mines - i use to hunt scoops,wickids at level 20~28 even through my weapon cracked the 2nd floor has a hidden room
    where you get to get these cool looking minerals/rocks that are called simopain its 18k~20k each. but theres a scary monster
    guarding there that does 7000x2 damage once you get close to them you cannot use skills in there so stay alert run run fast as
    you can you cant catch me im gingerbread man!
    5. Cave of Ordeals - this cave can be entered at level 16 ( long time ago it did dont know about now ) good for solo at 20~28 ^^
    6. Under water Cave - good exp at level 30~42 with one party member on 2nd exp mode. (you can enter at level30)
    7. Synoph Dungeon - this cave can be entered at level 25 and is great exp (the gatlings have no agi but 255 dex so this place will be pretty much hell to you if you are an agility type (low health is a big problem if you want to go to synoph there are 6 floors at max.)
    8. Pillion Dungeon - good exp at level 24~28 with one party member on 2nd exp mode. (can be entered any level)
    9. Spring cave - nice exp for levels20~28 if your not going to hunt with a partner this place is your friend. entered at level 18+
    10. Cave of confusion - a great place to collect arena bones and golem rocks ^^ arena bones are used for this bug quest this red guy in clad gives you need to give him 200 arena bones you will get 20000 exp in all. ( yay~ ) and for golem rocks its used for
    ring of hawkeye quest you need 50 of them. you need another 50 if you want to reset your characters stats and skills by the way
    (do not forget dungeon duckwarriors mace its a rare you need as well i prefer you to do that reset at level 44 resets can be done
    at narvik flee market this pirate at the north level 1~19 needs 5000 seeds and you can do it as many time as you want but others
    only 1 or 2 or maybe 3 times at max lol)

    okay now its yellow time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the yellow box marked at the first picture is basicly same as soloing but instead your with party members ( do not hunt the same monster its same as kill stealing if your on this exp mode this is bad for party hunting for good exp)
    yellow box on 2nd picture is share when you are sharing you rather get more exp if the monster is higher than you ( the more redder the better lol ) the closer you are to your partner the more you guys get. ^-^

    ps. when you are resetting stats do not save all the points till you get to your regular level. use it each level unless you dont have stats you would like to raise. see this would be a very good stat *im satisfied with this one* some messed up ones perhaps? i saved stats till lv.75 then raised stats then saved till lv.150 o_O;; owwwwwwww yes
    it really hurt call the ambulance now ill save all the stat points till 150
    big...... difference lol o.o

    thank you for reading this hope you enjoy the game o_o ill do other stuff
    thank you deathgodX for accepting the party for me to post a picture about party.
    updated! thank you for reading once again. lol
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    Nice Guide Dude !
    Cthulhu - Lvl 1X Lucian - Pwnage.
    Alexiel - Lvl 12 Max - Retired.

    Me : Yo.
    NightFire : Yo Yo'self.
    Me :


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    very nice guide, this will definently help me in gameplay, 10/10!

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    great guide, this will help me alot after you create my account I hope you make me one anyways lol.

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    Default aha

    nice pictures :P i like the spear. It rocksors :O

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    just edited :P ill probbly add in more stuff if there are stuff to add o_O

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    Thanks for the guide.
    I really like it. ^^

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    hi i just updated and added the register part. please read everything before playing if you are new to talesweaver. here are some screenshots make sure you post your screenies there when you play it =)

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    gosh you really are obsessed with TW benny

    but I like it!?

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