So, Dizzy mentioned a pretty impressive sounding game in his coverage of the first day of SOE Live. I have a thing about dragons in games that can be interacted with. If a game only has one dragon that is an epic raid boss, I'm not to excited. But if a game goes more in-depth than that, I usually jump on the game. An example of this is when I was addicted to Istaria, which allows you to play (and fly ) as a dragon.

Anyways, Dragon Prophecy boast over 300 unique dragons that can be tamed and ridden. On top of that, the game features a really in-depth housing system. I have hopes that it will be similar to Star Wars Galaxies decorating system, in that you can drop and then rotate, raise, lower, etc... each and every item in the game.

It is also hinted at that playing housing will play a big role in the creation of "player kingdoms". I am thinking that the system may be something similar to what was offered in Star Wars Galaxies, with players being able to claim territory and make their own towns.

Since SOE is teaming up with the guys that made Runes of Magic, I have no doubt about the game being free to play. Especially since SOE has been moving all of their games to the free to play model the past year or so.

So, any thoughts or speculations?

Edit: Fail typo in the title =_=