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    Default looking for some help

    alright so i have a demo copy of Torque game engine and I am not sure if i wish to purchase it yet. Well more or less I want to do a top-down view game were movement is point and click blah blah actually to make it a bit simpler check it is my favorite mmorpg for its PvP but its boring as hell to lvl in and the chat system sucks

    I want to make a game like it not fully but the idea of how the movement and attack/spell system works. I am either going to make an mmorpg or co-op mmo-style game (diablo style).

    Now my delemma.. I can program a 3d enviorment with a 3rd person, first person, and a static view but i can't seem to do top down...... its like im walking before i can crawl i know its dumb i cant do it lol I'm really looking for some help on this please site tut's even book names :P please?

    anyone who responds thank you very much in advance for even reading
    Also anyone interested in hearing out my game idea as well both mmo and non PM me or message me suiicidalpenguin (aim) or :P

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    C++ Primer Plus Fourth Edition by Stephen Prata (Oh wow, I still remember), good, no, excellent book for C++.

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