We have a website and some information about the project called Zavataris, we have the URL www.zavataris.com, and the dedicated server and high speed connection that are a business class cable/network, and a main developer/programmer....
However, we need help to get this thing going and would like to know if anyone would like to volunteer who has experience using the Unity game engine and importing higher end models like those on DAZ 3D for the avatars.

The basics of the project are to create a combination Online game with a social 3D world environment as the central meet up and connection point. The Social aspect you can, to a point, compare to such places as SL or Kaneva, but without the limitations, and actually have a more game approach over all with such as quests, and all the avatar customizations in one place have menu options that are simply more intuitive so you’re not spending twelve hours trying to figure out how to put on a hat or using them irritating nodes to interact with your environment.

Presently we have over 50 members who would be end users listed on the website and about 8 who will be volunteer supervisors with experience being advisors on other games with more than five years history, and for now we are using webs.com to host the website itself, and these members come from several such locations and want out of the other games/3D social places, where their ideas and suggestions will be heard and considered and over all treated with some value and integrity and not get flamed when they ask simple questions.
The basic mentality behind this project is one of "for gamers by gamers" as the main motivation.
Naturally no one will cough up any paid memberships till they see what they will be paying for. So the goal is definitely going to be geared towards making this world worth their money to support once they see something that shows hard work has been put into the program itself.
In addition we would like to see it use the Unity Web Player so that will be the only download they need that saves them space on their computers to say the least and will be programed to adapt to their own connection speeds for a smoother run time.

We will be starting this as an indie style project to see where it goes, but I am confident with us all working together we may create something pretty amazing. This means we are flexible and open to many suggestions and ideas so the project is interesting and enjoyable for everyone.
To answer the basic questions, we do have a couple concepts posted on the site for such as quests, and are open to suggestions and ideas, not only from end users but the programmers and developers themselves.
It is registered and licensed with the business name and those contributions remain the property of the those who submit their concepts and designs to the project, which when we are financially able, we can discuss potential for purchasing rights should it become a successful and more commercial worthy end product.
Everyone who participates will have their name in the developers section of the website. Traffic to the site will be based mainly on a referral basis, though we do have a face book page upon which content can be added for more or less marketing what we have in the end product.
To learn more and get an idea for the feel of the project and the direction we would like to head do check out the information there. After that, feel free to contact me with any more questions you may have.

Thanks a bunch. I look forward to hearing from you.