Greetings ^^ Well, I've been passing the time lately with some mmos (and SMT:Nocturne :3). I play with a friend and he wants to just (finally) stick with one and play it. Going to be truthful, I tend to game hop quite the bit, with only 3-4 mmos in my time playing them having kept me interested for more than 2 weeks-1 month.

But nonetheless, I've played many, many mmos, wouldn't be surprised if I've played most f2ps out there.
Anyway, we're just trying to find one that will pass for a semi-longer term (if not permanent) game, since I may be able to talk him into playing FFXIV:ARR when it is finished.

We're currently playing Eden Eternal (more so me) but I get that icky p2w feeling, considering I spent 10$ and got those beginner packages, after reading around a bit and experiencing a bit of the CS firsthand, it has a whole, good now bad later thing going on.

^ You can really skip most of that

Actual criteria
Anyway, we're just trying to find something to keep us entertained, I don't have many criteria just...
A Healthy population, I want to see the forums having some activity the chat boxes in game with it as well
Diverse class choice. :X When I look up classes and see Tank/Mage/Cleric/Ranger, I just leave the site, unless of course there are branching advancements.
Not P2W, don't get me wrong I'm fine spending money a game that I enjoy, but when I feel that I NEED to to advance it just makes me not want to play. If the only way to make money is via the cs, or the only way to get X armor/skill etc, etc, I'll pass.

I was thinking of trying out Rusty Hearts/Dragon Nest/Dungeon Fighter again, but for some reason I find that instanced action games are more fun (with usually more unique classes), they dry up a lot quicker, where as the more grindy ones like EE/Flyff etc tend to entertain for more time.

The games I actually stuck with: Final Fantasy XI(years), Mabinogi(years), Grand Chase(years). Most everything else was less than 2 months all together I'd say, granted the games above I/we played on and off, but for far longer intervals and over the course of quite awhile.

Any suggestions are welcomed, considering that I've probably played a good amount of them, but not for any real significant amount of time if I could ask you to just give a slight tidbit of info on why it is enjoyable.

I sincerely apologize for posting so much, but I just thought I should get the situation out, whilst I risk wasting your time. I
thank you kindly for taking the time to give me some assistance, it is much appreciated ^^.