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    Default Looking for a MMO

    Hi, I am looking for the following in an MMORPG

    - Good Ranger/Hunter/Bow class ( in PvE) and can hold it's own in PvP. A good example of what I am NOT looking for is Fiesta Online or GW2.

    - Decent/Good Graphics ( Decent = Asda 2, Good = Aion )

    - English Community ( Nothing like Cloud 9 and Fiesta Legel Server )

    - Good Population ( Nothing where the last forum post was 5 days ago, or there are less than 500 ( heck I would even say 1000 ) playing )

    - Non Cash Shop based. Let me define this. I basically mean Pay to Win ( Fiesta Online, Aion etc )but also mean if they dish out tired spenders every weekend, charge 30 dollars for a single outfit etc etc ( Eden Eternal I am looking at you )

    - Decent/Good Hair Style Customization.

    - Good Selection of Costumes ingame or in the item mall. I don't mind shoving out 15 bucks for a costume.

    - If not the above, decent looking gear. GW2 would be an example of what I am NOT looking for.
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