I just found out about this game today (saturday) and was surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. It's Chris Roberts, that guy that made Wing Commander 1 and 2 and Privateer, doing an online version of privateer/EVE style. Same style of space dogfighting as WC and trading/smuggling/pirating/military/freelancing as privateer but in an online/offline/multiplayer/singleplayer setting! Anyways if you pledge to the game during the fundraiser drive, which ENDS on monday!!! you get access to the ALPHA AND BETA. Here's a link to it


Go take a look and watch the extended trailer where he shows you actual in game rendering and describes what he is making. It's being done entirely by fan funding and not beholden to any publisher so nothing will be rushed. They needed 500k to start work, and have over 4.6million already. Go check it out!