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Thread: Browser multiplayer rpg of sorts?

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    Default Browser multiplayer rpg of sorts?

    Just curious, do you guys know of any browser multiplayer rpgs where you can customize an avatar?
    Something like Phantasy RPG but with an avatar system like Gaia Online?
    It doesn't have to be heavily populated, it can even just be a few people.
    Maybe something like an rping MUD community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lina View Post
    Something like Phantasy RPG
    Try the Battle For Wesnoth 2004 source code. It should be available GPL licensing. I mention this because this is where all of the Phantasy RPG avatars are from.

    Gaia Online? Mabinogi. RPing?

    If you want a MUD-type RP community with avatar-customization which is an MMORPG, then I recommend either a 5+ year old PC game, a closed beta test of a game based upon an otaku target-audience, or... Well MUDs don't have graphics for avatars. Nexus and Ragnarok were "polluted" by regular players when they went F2P. Perhaps an Everquest shard... GoKRiDa shut down, Cabochon Wyvern shut down, Earth Eternal shut down (example of a closed beta test for an MUD target-audience), Mabinogi is probably polluted with immaturity by now, ... Husky Express, Survival Project, and Wurm might have strong RP-communities. On any populated MMORPG (EQ2, GW2, LOTRO, etc. etc.) there are a few strong RP-guilds... Even World of Tanks has RP-guilds :P

    Sorry, I haven't played browser games recently. O WAIT!!! OHHHH!!

    PsyPets - I recommend this from the bottom of my heart.

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