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Thread: Hello :3 Suggestions for new games to play , please?

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    Red face Hello :3 Suggestions for new games to play , please?

    I've been into dungeons and dragons online since 2010 but have lately been getting exceptionally bored with it. I can't seem to find another game that i like. I despise world of warcraft so please dont suggest that. otherwise, i like dungeon-based games that have decent graphics and free to play is preferred. I'm generally open to most ideas but chances are I'll look up gameplay videos so if you have any that you personally like, feel free to link those too. I have a decent laptop, but it is not "high end" so please dont give me ones that take up insaane amounts of memory. Please and thank you.

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    I say Vindictus. Check specs to be sure~

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    aside from dungeon based game like what are the other things
    that you look for a game? since most of the games really do have
    dungeons nowadays

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