hi, im working on a solo c# rpg project at the moment and have been thinking of getting together (or finding) a team to work on something more serious. Unless someone here is interested, are there any good sites to look at? I'd rather work with a team in person, and would more interested in working on something unique yet more similar to the older RPGs and MMORPGs. my current project is similar to a MUD (with a UI )blended with a progression system much like asherons call or darkfall,

A project id like work on could be single player or online, but really i would rather not mimic a design too much like modern day mmorpgs

I can't do a great amount with 3d alone, and it is why i ask for advice/help.

Also, i posted (and deleted shortly after) a few days ago about needing a writer. If anyone's interested im still working on this solo project, and am handicapped when it comes to creative fictional writing.