Ultimeat Quest Adventure

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    Default Ultimeat Quest Adventure

    Riyku was looking very hard for the thing that he was looking for. He sighed and looked out of his grey dreamy eyes very solemnly and solemnly said something to his bff, Cloudyroth.

    "will we ever find it?"

    he said.

    "no I still haven't found what we're looking for" said Cloudy, as he whipped away a tear with his giant belt buckle.

    "where is that smite beta key..."

    ok so welcome to my super cool rp

    first you post a picture of your character right. and then you say their name and if they are a ninja, samurai, or giant mech with spiky hair.

    your motivation is that you are hunting the wilds of Generica, a huge world full of cool stuff and also angst. You are hunting the most dangerous enemy of all, Dizzypw, to take his smite beta keys.

    here is a picture of Riyku, isn't he the ctest

    he is a giant mech with spiky hair

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    Name: n0t-a-m3ch
    Class: Bard

    "SMITE Key plz" sings n0t-a-m3ch the bard. And then he has banana. It is taste. I shoot.

    Level 27. You are scare.

    DizzyPW and quest I talk to I say "HOW INSTALL GAME/"

    What say? where can log out?

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    Shadowblade, the ninja... he is very stelthy, shadowy, and secretive... no one knows his name (if Shadowblade is not his name)
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    TwoBlade Fold, as fast as a lighting, you can not imagine

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