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Thread: PVE Oriented Request

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    Default PVE Oriented Request

    Hello, ONRPG!

    I usually don't make requests but I'm kind of in a bind.

    What I'm looking for:

    * A PVE centric MMORPG. I do not care for PVP or PK in the slightest.
    * I'm a fan of both super cute and "serious" graphical styles, just prefer 3D games.
    * Quests! Many, many quests
    * NO in-game bot system
    * Fairly good translation (Engrish makes me sad)
    * Free to play
    * Customizable appearance on creation, or via (low cost) cash shop options
    * No gender lock
    * Game with a friendly and inviting community

    Is there anything that's come out in the last year that can meet these requirements or better?

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    If you want an old-fashioned, quest-centric PvE game, I would suggest Istaria. You can play as a human for free. To get the full effect of the game, tho, you would probably want to sub. Especially if you're interested in playing as a dragon (which is damn awesome. Whole reason I played the game for a month and a half was so I could become an adult dragon and I do no regret a moment I put in to it).

    I hear good things about Lord of the Rings Online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinarunine View Post
    * Game with a friendly and inviting community
    ... Unless it's a new release, I find trouble getting a good community. Some older games with very low player population have excellent communities. The best ones are the pay-to-play (by month) games with aged communities, since their veterans know that if they don't treat new players well then the game will die. Problem is, I've never played subscription games, and most of the low population indie games I've played have either died or were text-based.

    While their graphics are lacking, I enjoyed playing Puppet Guardian, PsyPets, and... Yeah - everything with low population has shutdown. Community also depends a lot on how much time you spend searching for a guild that shares your interests, and how much effort you put into your guild.

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    Well, The Secret World has an awesome community, probably because it's B2P and only the real adult people play it. :-)
    It is only also PVE centric and has awesome and unique quests. The English is incredibly good too, many different dialects, very good word plays.
    Basically except "F2P" (you need to pay 25€/$30 once, but then it's free forever and has nothing in the item shop that is needed), it has everything you want.

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    you know.. i think you may want to consider Champions Online which is F2P. the reason i suggest this is because you seem to like questing a lot and like character customisation. Champions Online (and its peer DCUO) may have the best character customisations in the mmo world. Champions Online is a superhero mmo and this genre actually had the best customiations in mmos. The community often has costume contests.

    CO has endless quests and i think there is new content being planned. It is a funny half-cartoony world and the gfx are very gentle on the eyes. The community is pretty friendly. There is pvp but it is more a spectator sport.
    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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