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Thread: Warframe Beta key giveaway(4)

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    Default Warframe Beta key giveaway(4)

    It's simple answer these questions and in a few hours I will choose who will get the key's .Here we go:

    1-Why do you want to "test"/play this game ?
    2-Do you plan to play long term?
    3-IF you like the game a tons will you be purchasing a founder pack to support DE -> dev team

    If you have any extra to say go ahead and don't forget to go and check the system requirement if you can run if not don't bother posting thank you. oh and try to post only once it will make my life easier .

    EDIT: I will annonce/choose the winners by latest friday to give everyone a chance to participate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nante View Post
    1-Why do you want to "test"/play this game ?
    2-Do you plan to play long term?
    3-IF you like the game a tons will you be purchasing a founder pack to support DE -> dev team.

    1) Because this game offers a unique experience, and I haven't played a game with this kind of gameplay purpose and aesthetic.

    2) Yes i do

    3) Definitely

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    1. I've been through a few beta tests and i think i can help find at least some bugs and/or glitches, plus the game itself looks awesome.

    2. It might be a bit soon to decide on this considering i haven't played the game yet, but if it's anything i think it is then yes i most likely will play long term.

    3. If it looks like the game's going in the right direction then i will support the devs when i get my hands on some extra money.

    That's pretty much it for me, and my pc should be able to run it without any problems.

    EDIT: I just got a key from their FB, if you want one i suggest you check it out.
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    Not gonna lie to enter this... not gonna say the typical generical answer that EVERYONE chooses to do when the question: Why would you want to participate in the beta? is asked. The answer is always something like this: "uhhh because i wanna help the testers because i wanna help with bugs" and all and overall these guys DO JACK about finding bugs and helping, all they want is to play ( just like me.. only difference is im honest about it) if i HAPPEN to come across a bug that wasnt reported YET i MIGHT send an ticket sure ( focus on the word MIGHT here)

    so here are my honest to god true answers.. like it or not they are my opinion:

    1- Why do i want to play? because i wanna wreak havock with loki, using switch teleport and decoy ( simple)

    2-If the gameplay is good and if is enticing as the video i saw about it on youtube, of course.

    3-This question also refeers to the second one... for me to buy the pack, this game will have to be good and enticing as i saw on the videos.. then i would consider the price because i live in brazil and AGAIN if the game is GOOD why not?

    Those are my answers.
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    1-Because I love the action gameplay, and I love the dark sci fi theme. Ive been waiting for this game for a while now. I signed up for the beta a while ago too and did not receive a key.

    2-I do plan on playing long term, as ive been looking for a action based game like this to play. This is perfect for what I want.

    3-I always support the games that I play for long periods of time. I just dont have the cash at the moment, otherwise I would have gotten a founders pack .
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