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Thread: DC Universe VS Champions Online VS Other games

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    Default DC Universe VS Champions Online VS Other games

    Heya, how's it going?

    For the past week I've been into DC Universe online and I've had a blast.
    Until I came to the sudden realization that the game is REALLY limited.
    Everyone kept telling me in game that the game itself begins at lvl 30 (lvl cap)
    Though I couldn't understand it.
    What attracts me in games are character customizations and PROGRESSIONS.
    For example? In Super hero themed games the customizations are awesome and diverse.
    And DC does satisfy that for me!
    But reaching a lvl cap of 30 rather quickly completely shuts down my progressions power and skills wise.
    And so nothing changes rather then the gear I'm wearing.
    I've got nothing to look forward too!
    Gear doesn't bother me at all, getting stronger isn't the name of the game.

    I've seen some videos of Champions online (I played the beta for like a week and stopped since it was way too P2W)
    Is it better? worse? more diverse?

    Star wars the Old republic also caught my eyes.
    Themed games are awesome in my opinion.

    The open world missions in DC Universe totally got me excited ! rather if I'm racing a time limited track or hunting an open world boss.

    Flying around the city is awesome and amazing since I LOVE Open world game and Open world content.

    What I'm trying to say is.

    Should I keep up with DC universe? will it satisfy me as a virtual home for more then 3 weeks if I try the end game content?

    is Champions online better?

    Or should I give Star wars a shot since it takes down both of these games.


    Thanks in advance for any topic related answers.

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    it's going to be hard to beat the superhero themed games for charactr customisations. Champions was awesome.
    Others may know but I think PWI and Forsaken World and Aion have pretty good character customisations.

    personally, I stopped playing champions online because i realised the pvp at the endgame was really imbalanced and boring.
    for me, pvp is essential as endgame.

    for you, you seem to enjoy the whole themed experience. i feel others can recommend good theme games (Aion?) for you but personally i would suggest you consider Silkroad Online (the updated one with less grind). Although SRO is an old game, for me it has the best costumes I had seen, and the big theme in it is that your character gets to travel the entire historical silkroad from China to London. That is about a 1.5 year journey minimum. unfortunately, i didnt like the combat mechanics so i moved on.

    but i would play SRO just to look at the amazing costumes.
    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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