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Thread: Why do you guys enjoy or don't enjoy Water margin?

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    Default Good game!

    Yes, I agree. People will base what they think of a game souly on what the idea in their head is before they play it. If they like Ragnorok and think this game will be like it, and they dont like that, they'll force themselves not to like it.

    As or me, I played it when it first opened. Loved it

    I was apeasent, then my comp was shut down by a virus I got off some dang website (DANG YOU internet explorer!) and i had to stop playing. Who cares about hackers? If they leave me alone, they can do all they want for all I care...

    Overall, 8/10.

    Infact, I just downloaded it now and have been playing a new character for about... 10 minutes. I have no lag, except my attacks take about 2 seconds, but that doesnt matter. This game is stil; great to me
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