Gah I was rather bored so I made this, its incomplete and its rather for just extra information

When you start the game you get this really lame intro, leave the area and head north to the blue circle on the map. Don't go in, instead youll see monsters around you click them or press spacebar twice (once to select the other to attack) and it will auto-select the nearest monster near you. Avoid the chickens for now,there rather bothersome at level 1
instead get the seed monsters with the stem sticking out of them until level 3,
*note* you should capture a chicken at level 2 to make it leveling easier.

At level 3 attack the weak yellow seedfuls you could've done this at level 1 but you will take in abit more damage that you wouldn't have to worry about if you start at level 3, attack these monsters until level 5.
At level 5 your ready for the next map,attack the level 4 dander peep until level 6/7 whenever you feel confident to do the level 5 timestone, this is 1 of the few timestones you should do until Job Advancement so you can get the level 7 wooden sword.After recieving the item equip it and attack the seedfuls
*Note* attacking the sterns is basically suicide on a stick, first of all it will take longer then normal monsters as they weaken your damage, plus when you kill them the peas will drop and the 2 pea monsters will attack you.

At level 8 you should do the level 7 Time Stone for Armor, You should start considering your next pet, of course you could stay with your chicken until around level 50 for bragging rights that you used a chicken to get through the game.
at level 9 once again a time stone do it for potions and potions only I recommend doing it twice for 10 potions (dont waste them) attack Friendly sheep until level 11. Your Job level should be fairly high now and if you've been collecting drops you should go sell them off to buy some passive skills.

Kill Thorny Rats until level 14, you should now have a Thorny Rat or White sheep depending on your taste
~White sheep~
- High health
-High defense
-decent attack

~Thorny Rat~
-low defense
- ranged attack
-above average attack
-low hp
now the thorny rat is a good pet due to it being Ranged

at level 14 your job level is hopefully 15/16 go near the level 12 Pea Sterns and kill the monsters around there and a few Pea Sterns when your at full hp.
at level 15 your job level should be 17/18/19 Kill the Pea sterns and the mobs that come after they die until 20 job level Get your Job

So ends the First Part, More to come T_T