The Beast Inside

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    Drew groans as the onslaught of questions from the nurses continues on, his vitals being taken as well as testing his ability to take in anything solid. He had woken up twenty minutes before but certain complications kept him in bed until the excruciating pain in his gut and head subsides. Right now its just a dull ache and Drew is almost certain its withdrawal still and not from the experiment. But then again maybe the shock to his system, going through with this experiment, caused all that pain to return. After asking for the fourth time if he could get dressed yet his answer is finally yes. At that he nearly jumps from the bed - reconsiders after the stomach pain fires up again. He slowly pulls on his clothes, which honestly aren't much but they suit him better than the ones they tried to give him; one raggedy, holey leather jacket over an equally as holey gray shirt and a pair of ripped up jeans later he's ready to blow this popsicle stand.

    One nurse escorts him to floor nine to make sure he doesn't collapse again. As annoying as it is he gets their concern, not for himself of course but probably for the experiment. Its nearly the same concern all his 'friends' would express when getting high or drunk, or generally just blitz with him. They were never concerned directly for him. Somehow the pain that comes with that knowledge is a little more intense then the ache in his head and gut. The nurse leaves promptly, writing more things own on the clip board she carries.

    There's people there already, a few girls. Drew blinks is eyes a few times, internally groaning. Great, he didnt think this would be so predominantly female, he's always been a little awkward around girls, especially attractive ones. Hell, he was awkward around his own sister, mostly because he didn't know how to act around the opposite gender. As far as he's concerned they might as well be aliens.

    "Uh, hey there." Drew shifts awkwardly.
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    Where eyes should have been to empty sockets were, the most dark feature of the girl in front of her. It seemed as if she was talking, but when she looked closer she saw the thick black thread that stitched the girls mouth together. ~BLU By LDM

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    When Xia woke up she was in a hospital gown. She noticed that she had an IV in her arm and didn't bother to mess with it. A nurse walked in and took the IV out.

    "Is there any pain" ask the nurse.

    She shakes her head no.

    The nurse leaves and tells her "There is people waiting upstairs on the ninth floor, go there when your ready. Your clothes are in the bathroom so you can change."

    Xia goes to the bathroom changes into what she found her favorite black V-neck with her skinny jeans and a pair of converse. She goes into the elevator and when she reaches the ninth floor she notices there is only one hall so she just kind of looks around and find the room with people in it. She is hoping to see some familiar faces, but what luck she gets. She see's a few of the people she saw before but none she knew. She walks in all shy like.

    "Hey everyone" She says hoping for a reply.

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    "How are you feeling?"

    Michel shook his head free from the cobwebs of sleep that still clung on. Honestly, he had expected to be feeling horribly, some sort of major change. Something noticeable. The only thing noticeable to him right now was the nurse standing beside him with a small bucket in her hands.

    "I'm good... Really good actually. You guys actually did the procedure, right?"

    "It went perfectly, Mr. Daniels. Are you experiencing any pain? Any soreness?"

    Michel rubbed the base of his neck. "Maybe a little sore. But that's it... What's with the bucket?"

    The nurse gave a sympathetic smile as she handed the bucket to him "You will need that momentarily, Mr. Daniels." She said in a matter of fact manner as she wrote a few notes.

    "What am I going to need a buc-" Michel interrupted himself with a sudden onset of vomiting. Luckily, he managed to hit the bucket, and save himself a shower.

    "So I guess that's why you told us not to eat anything." Michel said after spitting out a bit of bile between coughs.

    "Yes Mr. Daniels, and by the looks of it, you didn't. Thank you."

    "Yeah... Yeah, no problem."

    The nurse continued to write down notes and quickly guestured with her pencil to the corner of the room. "Your clothes are in the corner there. If you feel up for it, you can go ahead and meet with the others. The elevator is to your right as you go out. You should go to the ninth floor. Any questions?"

    Michel shook his head, spitting one last time into the bucket before setting it aside.

    After getting dressed and rinsing his mouth out, Michel found himself starting to get hungry. By the time he reached the elevator and started his decent, visions of a buffet line danced around in his head, and he hoped the ninth floor was some sort of cafeteria. Coming up behind a woman stopped at the door, he heard her meek greeting as he drew closer. He gave her a smile as he passed by.

    "Don't be shy now. Come on in."

    With that, Michel burst though the entrance way in a grandiose manner, holding his arms out and proclaiming "Let there be food!"

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    (hopefully not quite dead lol)
    Name:Neil Reignier(Raynyay)
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    Why did you want to be a part of the EE (Extraction Experiment)?: to get away from some certain unsavory individuals.

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