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    Default The Beast Inside

    It is the year 2027, and scientists have been vigorously working to activate the part of your brain some call your conscience. Scientists believe your Ka as they call it holds power. You know that saying that you only use three percent of your brain? It's true. Your Ka, or conscience, makes u ninety -seven percent of your brain. Unfortunately for the scientists, Ka's are about as different as each individual person.

    Scientists have now mastered the art of Ka extraction. When called upon the Ka envelopes the host and surrounds them in an aura like haze around the body. Your Ka enables you to do extraordinary feats, usually only found in comic books or cartoons.


    Character Sheet:
    Age: Anything between 21 and 40
    Ka ability/color:
    Why did you want to be a part of the EE (Extraction Experiment)?:

    My Sheet:
    Name: Evie Renee McCormick
    Age: 25
    Ka ability/color: Her Ka takes over and draws the future. Her Ka is white.
    Why did you want to a part of EE?: Evie's father is the scientist behind EE. He needed her to be the lab rat.

    "Alright Evie, open your eye's," She heard. The voice was that of her father. Evie fluttered open her bright green eyes. She tried to relax, and remember everything that she was told. She could have the symptoms of mono, or she could get dizzy and dehydrated. Each reaction was different for every person. But they only knew that on various animals and insects. She was the first human to be experimented on.

    "How do you feel?" Her father said. She focused on the room she was in. It was your standard hospital room- plain white and grey. Evie thought about her father's question: how does she feel? She didn't feel any different. Just a little tired.

    "Fi-" She began, but the reached for the large metal bowl to her left on the nightstand and violently gagged. Her stomach was empty, she wasn't supposed to eat anything before the surgery. Her father furiously scribbled on a large clipboard. When she was done a nurse handed her a glass of water. It was not cold. She finished it and inspected the IV plugged into her left wrist. "How did the surgery go?" She asked.

    "Very good, very good indeed. Your body has responded well. This is hopeful."

    This was promising. The surgery was still a mystery to Evie, but she knew just about everything else about EE.

    "Do you think you can try and see if you can activate your Ka?" Her father pressed.

    "You know, Dad, I'm still really tired. Maybe later okay?" Her father nodded and awkwardly patted her elbow. He left without a word and quietly shut the door. The nurse gently took off the IV tape and in one swift motion pulled out the IV and placed a bandaid on the wound.

    "I'll be back in an hour to see if you can get up and walk around. Your clothes are in that chair if you feel up to it." She said kindly.


    That was three months ago. Evie made full recovery and is fully trained with her Ka. Now that everybody is assured she can survive with no damages, they have allowed new test subjects to come in and get the surgery.


    Once you wake up in the hospital room go down to floor nine, the training room to start interacting with other characters and start Ka training.
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