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Is there anything I can read up on SMITE? I still see people disconnect or rage a fair bit, but I do play a single game or two whenever I'm bored and haven't got the mood for LoL.

I pretty much have no clue wat spells to buy for the actives. I don't really know many gods (pretty much play Nu Wa/Aphrodite/Neith most of the time...). Are these 3 gods popular/strong??

I really like how wards are so cheap in this game tho. There's literally no downside to buying them at all times~

Also, idk how I got all those gems. I bought the Ultimate God Pack right before SMITE was released tho...
That team comp is so horrible... Chaac didn't even go tank either.

Would suggest tiermonster as the go to for info on builds.

Also I only really play arena too since i'm sick of the farm and fight type of thing in mobas. The only thing important in arena is teamfight potential or fast mobility characters that can weave in and out of combat very well. That is why Mercury and Bastet are great picks in arena since they can kill with relative ease and still escape harm.

Poseidon and Zeus are actually what i prefer people to be using in arena though. The cripple on poseidon's whirlpool is just OP and zeus can kill a whole team if comboed (Odin ult or Ares Ult). Today I even had a combo game with an arachne who put her spiders near me when I was a bastet. Whenever she pulled I summoned my cats. I think we had like 8 spider and 3 cats in total on one person or something. The guy couldn't even move from all the slows. Hilarious stuff