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Thread: Looking for suggestions

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    Yeah I'd recommend giving it another go. I've been playing it on and off since it came out of beta. Depending on how long ago it was that your bro and you played, somethings have changed making it easier to get to a decent level. Also don't have to keep the game running while you are asleep/afk to punch dummies for twelve hours >.>

    But I'm getting on now, I'll be on Mercury channel 15. I'll be on my FA Velasia, it's level 18 if I remember correctly.

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    Aight then I'll start playing on mercury channel 15. I'll add u and hopefully I'll catch up to your level. Oh and if u ever wanna play gw2 I got a copy. But I'm not high in level cuz I only recently started. I'm only about 26 ranger on my highest guy
    Anyways if u wanna train one of your lower guys then by all means I'll play with ya cuz I also need more ppl to play with.

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    just wanted to say that the game i play Regnum Online,
    is solo friendly for me. by that i mean the RvR is designed so that you don't really need to know people or group with friends to enjoy it. whoever is logged on at the time knows what to do and where to go so everyone runs to the same objective anyway (itis shown on map).
    so in that sense i can drop in fight drop out without neediing to organise stuff with friends or arrange to chat etc,,,
    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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