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    New to Dota?

    Dota can be a very hard game to get into because of its very steep learning curve. You will suck if it is your first Action RTS (real time strategy) game and will hate it. Trust me, stick with it and it will get better.

    This guide has proven to be useful for newer players, however, my suggestion is to simply play and learn from there. Welcome to Dota, You Suck.

    Hero Pool

    Check out the Dota 2 Wiki for up to date hero information:

    Recommended Heroes for Beginners
    These heroes are selected due to not relying heavily on farm, skills that are easy to hit and understand and single mistakes do not decide team fights. Of course, even if these heroes are good for beginners, many will still be played by top tier players due to Dota's naturally high skill ceiling and learning curve. They may be easy to understand but definitely hard to master.

    This list will change and evolve based on the community's collective thoughts on what heroes are good for beginners.


    In order: Windrunner, Zeus, Lina, Shadow Shaman, Jakiro, Ogre Magi, Keeper of the Light, Lich, Lion, Dazzle, Crystal Maiden, Death Prophet


    In order: Sven, Beastmaster, Omniknight, Huskar, Centaur Warrunner, Tusk, Axe, Sand King, Tidehunter, Night Stalker, Spirit Breaker, Undying


    In order: Juggernaught, Vengeful Spirit, Sniper, Luna, Bounty Hunter, Ursa, Bloodseeker, Razor, Venomancer, Viper

    Dota 2 @ OnRPG

    Full Review

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    Recommended Websites

    Team Liquid
    Dota 2 Wiki

    Free to Play
    Valve has released a great documentary going over the competitive side of Dota 2.

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    OnRPG Steam Group

    Please join our OnRPG Steam group. This group can be used to get to know other Dota players from the community and learn about any upcoming events (with reminders!).


    1. Do not begin comparing Dota 2 to other games. Keep this thread focused on Dota.
    2. There are many ways to play and think. Respect that.

    Obviously the forum rules need to be observed
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