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Thread: Your very first

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    Question Your very first

    What is the first mmorpg game that you played? Did you have fun? Will you play it again?

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    my very first serious multiplayer game was neverwinter nights.
    i had heard about it 2 years prior and thought it sounded incredible.
    i hoped to play it, but then i didnt have money for it, and was worried it wouldnt work well on my internet connection.
    i tried playing Age of Empires multiplayer (a little bit of fun) and CNC red alert on LAN. Neither of these kept my attention.

    However, when I first stepped into the NWN realm, it was pure magic.
    Nothing like it since either. I gues it must have been like the first time players of WoW.
    I remember it was on a dark, almost black road.
    I had spent 6 hours carefully making and naming my character (NWN lets u customise armour right down to the elbows).
    I was worried i wud look totally out of place.
    It was so dark, so quiet, and the music was very eerie.
    I remember i walked through a campfire with 1 or 2 NPCs sitting there.
    I thought, oh well, maybe i will not meet any other player at all !
    Then i ran down the road, thinking, well if i do they will probably kill me mercilessly (everything was always open pvp then)
    Then suddenly, from behind me i heard running footsteps and a little dwarf fighter sort of build ran by me, he barely noticed me, he just kept running by me. I was taller and moving more slowly. Then he ran on into the darkness.

    I then thought, wow that was a real player. My first real player! Smooth as silk no jerkiness and all so quiet.
    Like on a remote country road in England.

    Quite magical. Many adventures in neverwinter after that. I even remember my first attempts at pvp. Meeting hackers. Being a DM. Team pvp. Building my own worlds/mods. Participating in multiplayer drama. Playing on the LOTRO mods, running to kill Sauron. Making very many characters - i had 200+ characters by the time i moved on from nwn.

    I don't think there will ever be an experience quite like NWN 1.
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    Ragnarok Online I THINK was my first.
    I loved it, but absolutely sucked at it.
    I still suck at it, but I think I seem to love it less.
    It's sort of a 'respect it as a game, but doesn't suit my specific playstyle' kinda thing or something.

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    Runescape 2001... That game started my addiction to mmos, lol. Then I went to Conquer Online afterwards and wasted so.... much... money. I then learned to stay the hell away from pay2win games.
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    Another for Ragnarok.

    Great game and saw it transform many times over the years but still it's a great game with endless potential.

    Yeah I don't play it anymore because I did mostly everything in the game but it's the game that got me into mmorpg's, before that I wouldn't tough rpgs with a 10 foot pole lol.

    I really enjoyed everything in Ragnarok from making friends and having guild drama lol.. To the pvp and woe which made it heaps of fun

    Ah i'm starting to miss it again D:

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    Ragnarok again.

    I'm pretty sure I won't ever play it again.

    I did have fun at the time, it was fantastic. I made too many good memories to forget.

    I don't miss it at all, Kinda glad I moved on.

    There was only one other game that gave me a similar feel and that was Dragon saga.

    I guess I can sum up my feelings for ragnarok as I adored the team play and diversity.
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    My very first MMORPG was Runescape back before High-definition, and wide-screen monitors. When Runescape was using Java 1.1 or so. I quit after playing it for 5 minutes, never to return. Glad I didn't. My next MMORPG was Angels Online in 2007. My favorite class back then was mage / burst DD, but no one knew how to tank, so until White Knight Chronicles' second quest pack for multiplayer, I was a tank. Then I gave up because too many people in games were being rude to tanks. I became a mage again as such for MMORPGs like Lime Odyssey, TERA, Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia, Kitsu Saga.

    As for what I will be playing in the future, I will be playing Lime Odyssey and Phantasy Star Online 2 primarily, even after trying Guild Wars 2 and TERA. If AION didn't have main story quest areas with Open PVP, and would be installable on Windows 8, I'd play it for a while.

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    Runescape Classic, before it was classic lol. I also got into Aspereta and Subspace Continuum (Metal Gear server) around that time as well.

    I loved Runescape, probably played it on and off for 2+ years. I pretty much fell off as soon as it upgraded though, I didn't like the changes. Aspereta was awesome but it's no longer around, I'm not sure if Subspace is still around but if it is and the Metal Gear servers still there I'd probably play it again, was very fun.
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    Star Wars Galaxies. I loved that game and the people I played with. I was young, and not only was it my first MMO, but my first computer game, too. I remember the day I was at walmart with my mom and cousin. We went back to the electronics section and there it was, sitting on the shelf. It mesmerized me and I knew I had to have it. To my surprise, my mom agreed to buy it for me. (There was a point a year earlier when I was 11 and wanted her to help me get in to DnD, she said no because she didn't want me to end up like the people that play those kinds of games... I had found out about it at the local gaming shops Yu Gi Oh night).

    From that day on, my life was changed forever, and the first time I logged in was probably the single moment in my life that has had the biggest impact on me and made me who I am today.
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    Everquest 2 at a relative's house, then he managed to help me sign up for an account and we played together way back in 2000 when dsl was still new.

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