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Thread: where did these old skool byond games go?

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    Default where did these old skool byond games go?

    Hi does someone know an old byond game or a naruto/bleach rip? Bcuz it appears that they aren't allowed to have a hub so ppl can't find them.

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    isn't space station 13 still up and going strong? took a look and theres like 8 servers online with 10+ people currently playing (highest having 41 online)
    and what do you mean no hub allowed.... beyond has a central search site where you can find any game on byond

    edit -> if you mean copyright infringement then yes... they are not allowed to make unauthorized games
    if you want a naruto game then i do remember a few naruto browser games
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    "Yes Pokemon games are absolutely fine as we have not had a Cease and Desist for their intellectual properties.
    All of Funimation's intellectual properties were given a cease and desist order. such as:
    Dragonball Z
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Fairy Tail
    Air Gear
    "and others i'm not sure of"

    Square Enix also sent Byond a cease and desist for:
    Final Fantasy
    Chrono Trigger" - Quoted from a Byond Member

    :C It is a shame. I use to play those Naruto games so much.
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    The games still exist and are being played and those that had hubs before the C&Ds were sent out will still have those hubs, you won't find them by searching but if you have the correct links you can access them. Try some google searches, you're sure to find a few.
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    BLN has been around for YEARS, it is highly developed, has an event rotation, skill tree system, multiple classes based on Bleach characters, open PvP, character customization, random shikai system (you can choose a box that will lower things to power, speed, or ability shikai, or random to have a chance at anything), Captain system, Espada system, minigames, guild wars, and much more. The game is updated actively, and is doing quite well.

    Naruto Final Fight has also been around quite a long time. Has a very active playerbase, sandbox style character development, great character customization, plenty of clans and non clan abilities, age system, economy system, village war system, chuunin exam system, organization system (akatsuki), bijuu, weapon system, mission system, open pvp, and much more.

    Another Naruto game, Naruto Exodus is formerly known as Naruto GOA (grand online adventures). This game his been around for quite some time, and has a unique skill tree system, tons of clan options, non-clan choices with buffs based on your choice, open pvp, wars, mission system, and more
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