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Thread: What makes you support an unpopular mmorpg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobotomy View Post
    Responding to the question posed in the thread title itself: Only a complete tool would support a game because of its popularity. Personally, if I support a game it's only because I like the game itself, and my support is neither gained nor lost through any other factor.

    Although honestly this is a ridiculous topic to even start in the first place. You may as well have started a thread titled "Everyone else is jumping off a bridge, so why aren't you?" >_>
    I'm not trying to imply that it's bad to play a game that's not popular or it's better to play a game that IS popular.
    I probably should have worded it, "Would you play a game that isn't very populated?" or "...doesn't have much income?"
    Thanks to Trickster shutting down I'm wondering if anyone else is like me and wondering if they should risk getting attached to a game that could shut down quickly because of lack of players and money.

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    Game has to be entertaining me in some kind of way. This could be anything from art style to music to a certain element of the gameplay. Or if the game has a specific goal I want to reach. And those rare moments where I play a game because a real life friend plays. That hasen't happened since my wow and guild wars days though.

    Right now I am playing this browser game which really isn't that good but there are a couple things I like about it and I want to invest a little time in it to see where it goes.

    Thanks Seya!

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    game and community of course i really don't
    care about the GM as long as there are no major bugs

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    The community... I hate it, I hate the fact that I depend on a community to stay w/ a game, but I can't do anything about it.

    Sometimes it's the game itself, rare but sometimes it is. Disgaea is my most loved game I own, The game progressed very nicely and the latest installment was indeed my favorite. Wanna know why I like Disgaea, The characters are all 11/10 they're ridiculously well made.

    SO why do I support an unpopular game, because it's worth supporting. Even though I do depend on a community for MMOs, other people are there for their own reason. Other people found reason in those games, I found reason in those people. Oh I also like the oriental theme, I actually stay with MMOs just because of the concept sometimes. I believe that's why I stayed with games like yulgang for more the 6 months, and why I plan on playing Age of whusu.
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    Well lets my opinion made of few points.
    1. Ussualy unique and thats why unpopular (for me that played many generic games very important)
    2. Good community (small and dedicated to the game and keeping clean communication)
    3. Has more potential the popular since you words actually influence its growth much more.
    4. Administration gives a damn ( Very important)
    5. Its fun and interactive with strong story.
    These are my main reasons i might have left out some but you get the idea

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