I'm looking for an MMORPG.. I'll give you a list of facts in what I'm looking for..

-Free to Play, not Pay to Win.
-Fantasy is what I like, sci-fi can be fun too though but I don't go for that a lot.
-I'd like it, if it has raids/dungeons in them..
-Any PvP like Realm vs. Realm or a bunch of players together is fun
-I really love Anime, so you can choose one from there if you want.
-Great community please! I'd love to be able to find friends and a nice guild, it keeps me going in a game.

My moneys tight now, so I had to stop playing those Pay 2 Play games and I would really like it if I found a game that did not have an OP cash shop.

-No Trial/Free to Play games that has a subscription.. like Lord of the Rings Online for example... yuck.

I can't think of anything else to write down at the moment.
Just bored though and looking for a game to play!